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iTunes Stats: display your iTunes and iPod library stats and listening habits

I liked this iTunes stats thing on Facebook, What's on my iPod? but I wanted to get the stats without having to upload my file all the time. So, I taught myself a little VB Script and wrote a rudimentary stats/metrics program. It basically spits out a bunch of numbers and lists to a date-stamped file and it takes about a minute to run for every 1,000 songs you have. For me, it takes just over 3 minutes to run on my aging home PC (with nearly 5,000 songs).

You can save it anywhere on your PC and double-click on it and it should run. You may need to have VB.NET installed, so you can go to the Microsoft Updates site for that. I am VERY interested in feedback on this, and I'd welcome enhancements to the script as well. You can email me at yanoff-NOSPAM@yahoo.com (just remove the "-NOSPAM").

Download iTunesStats.vbs for free!

View sample output text file of iTunes Stats

Also available are other useful iTunes scripts (in JavaScript and Visual Basic Script) which can do things such as generate a file that shows which of your tracks are missing lyrics, which are missing tracks, etc:

iTunes Stats Update History — Last Few Revisions

Version Released Release Notes
2.30   1-9-2016 Added 2 new sections: top albums by total play count of the songs on that album and top albums by total play time

I had to remove the most-skipped songs because now that songs can exist in the iCloud, they do not have a skipped count and they also do not have a "location" field so I can't detect if a song is in the cloud or local.
2.29   8-8-2014 Now also skips podcasts. These were causing an issue when trying to determine the skip counts of tracks.
2.28   12-18-2012 Now skips audio streams and videos
1.0   12-24-2008 iTunesStats created